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Food Truck Pub is a free online ordering service for truck owners.

Not your average online ordering site - we are dedicated to food trucks and showing your current location on our map!
  • Active Food Truck Map for trucks currently taking orders or future pre-orders.
  • QR Codes for ordering and direct pre-order links. Great for table-tops!
  • Pre-Orders rock! Over the holidays and winter time, fill in your event gaps and pre-book your holiday orders. Get paid now for future date(s)!
  • Up and running in minutes!
  • Place your Direct Ordering Link on Facebook and other sites. Customers click to place order!
  • Configurable order alerts. Order sent directly to Square, Clover, or Paypal. No hardware required!
  • Click Truck Signup to get your free account or keep scrolling down to learn more!

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Bring your customers self-serve ordering!

(Don't make your customers wait in this line!)

Our system is different / Built specifically for food trucks, trailers, and carts!

Your restaurant is mobile, shouldn't your ordering system follow you?

Free, easy, contactless, online ordering for truck owners everywhere! Same-day and Pre-Order ordering. SMS Txt Msg Alerts to notify customer food is ready and to alert you of new orders. Profit sharing available if you refer other trucks!

Take orders from your website or facebook page. Apps for iOS and Android displaying your logo on the ordering page. Place printable instructions for your patrons on table cards or flyers and let them self-serve for ordering. Customer orders and then picks up their food in your window.

Thousands of food trucks are already using Food Truck Pub for free, and you could too!
View some of our awesome food trucks!

We connect customers to nearby food trucks with our mapping and ordering system alongside our food truck ordering app.

  1. Most trucks earn at least 15% - 30% MORE $$$ per order with our gratuity selection!
  2. When you signup with us, you get a unique food truck number, QR Code, and a unique ordering link.
  3. You simply advertise this number or this link to your customers such as on your social media or website.
  4. Even print out your QR Code Sign (found under Settings) and place it in highly visible places such as in businesses or the bar or pub!

Own a food truck park?

  1. Recently launched, Food Truck Park Ordering!
  2. Park owners can signup by completing the Truck Signup page.
  3. Then, contact us and we'll flip your role in the system to "Park Owner".
  4. We'll help you get your trucks enrolled and configured.
  5. We'll build your customizable landing page with your park's direct ordering link and QR Code!
  6. Customers can add menu items from ANY of the trucks to their order and checkout through one seamless process.
  7. Customer order will auto-split and send proper order to each truck!
  8. Park owners earn $0.20 per order to each truck in their park.
  9. Or, get your nearby park signed up and we'll pay you $0.20 per order as a referral fee - ongoing, forever!

Version 6.3.0 just released! View the Feature List.

How do I get started?

  1. Signup here, add your menu into the system or import it from Square or Clover, and lastly, configure your 'Order Alerts'.
  2. When customers pay, the money immediately goes into your Square, Clover, or PayPal account.
  3. Swipe the order and customer receives SMS Txt that order is ready for pickup in your window!

What makes us different than other ordering systems?

Gotta Be Frank - Food Truck

Gotta Be Frank food truck testimonial

We can’t say enough about what Food Truck Pub is doing to drive our business. The ease of use on the part of both the customer and the food trucker is amazing. The customer service is phenomenal. It integrates flawlessly with my Square Terminal.
--Margie and Tom Genereux, Gotta Be Frank Gourmet

Food Truck Pub BBB Business Review

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