Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a Food Truck Owner?

Plain and simple, food trucks travel, and your ordering system should know where you're located! Food Truck Pub is a free online ordering system designed specifically for food trucks to show their active location on our Map screen.

When you sign up for Food Truck Pub, you get a direct ordering link that you can copy/paste onto Facebook, a website, or any other location that you market your site. We also have printable QR Codes so your customers can click on table flyers or posters and begin ordering from you. Some trucks no longer even staff for order-taking in the window and instead have a QR code for customers to self-serve.

As orders are placed to you, you will receive a variety of alerts and you can even swipe on each order in our order tracking page on each order to notify the customer that their order is now ready for pickup in your window! No more meandering around your window waiting for their name to be called!

Food Truck Pub is FREE for food trucks and a small convenience fee gets charged to the customer during checkout: $1.25 USD (or $0.60 on the Premium Plan for Square/Paypal and $0.85 on the Premium Plan for Clover).

Food Truck Pub is meant to be quick, turn-key setup that can be done in minutes. It is meant to be more convenient for both you and your customers. Spend more time preparing food and less time taking customer orders and taking payment. No more waiting in lines for your customers! Our system also makes it possible for you to drive more business because customers can see when you're online and actively taking food truck orders in their area!

Food truck ordering on Food Truck Pub is 100% free for food truck owners. You will pay no monthly fees or transaction fees to Food Truck Pub!

Customers will pay a small $1.25 convenience fee (or $0.60 on the Premium Plan for Square/Paypal and $0.85 on the Premium Plan for Clover) when they place their orders. This fee is added on as an additional line item on the checkout screen so nothing is hidden from the customer and this fee seamlessly flows to us.

We then process the transaction using your choice of either Square, Clover, or PayPal based on what you have configured in your Payment Settings in Food Truck Pub. The money goes directly into Square, Clover, or PayPal immediately at the time the order is placed.

The small convenience fee that the customer paid temporarily goes into your account and then gets automatically transferred over to Food Truck Pub.

Square, Clover, and Paypal each have their own transaction and credit card fees.

Learn more about Square or signup with Square here!

Learn more about Clover or signup with Clover here!

Food Truck Pub integrates directly with Square and Clover. For trucks using these POS systems, orders will flow directly into your POS, and print from your pre-existing printers.

For trucks using a different POS system, we will send online orders directly to you via an external tablet, phone, email, or SMS. Even view and manage these orders using your device by logging into our web site or app. If you have a supported printer, you can even print receipts directly out of Food Truck Pub.

Learn more about Square or signup with Square here!

Learn more about Clover or signup with Clover here!

All you need is a Free Square, Clover, or Business PayPal account to begin taking food orders in Food Truck Pub. If you need an account, submit the form on our Square POS page or our Clover POS page, and one of our representatives will give you a call. When customers checkout, they can pay with either credit card or their PayPal account. Either way, either Square, Clover, or PayPal processes the order and money gets immediately deposited into one of those accounts. A $1.25 convenience fee (or $0.60 on the Premium Plan for Square/Paypal and $0.85 on the Premium Plan for Clover) is tacked onto the customers order and they pay for this small fee. This small fee temporarily goes into your account and then passes automatically over to Food Truck Pub.

You can transfer your money out of your Square, Clover, or PayPal account anytime you like.

You can manually load your menu along with images into Food Truck Pub. Likewise, you can make menu items inactive if you have run out of that food, or even temporarily deactivate or even delete menu items completely. When using Square or Clover, you can also import your menu into Food Truck Pub so that you don't have to manually load it. Food Modifiers (such as condiments and customizations) are not imported at this time but we may support this in the future. Until then, you will have to manually configure your modifiers in Food Truck Pub (we call these Food Extras in our system).

After you've parked your truck, simply login to the Food Truck Pub app or web site and click on 'My Status'. Your GPS coordinates will be located or you can enter a specific address. Lastly, simply set the time by which you will allow your last online order to be received for that day and then click 'Go Online'.

You can also create Future Pre-Orders in our system and take orders today, but for pickup or delivery on a different day. This will also make you active on our map page.

When you signup with Food Truck Pub, we give you a unique and dedicated food truck number and direct-ordering link as well as a scannable QR Code. Print off your Food Truck Sign under 'Settings'. Then, hang this sign on your truck as well as advertise your unique food truck number to your customers!

Customers can find your ordering link on your social media account, or even go directly to our site, to order food directly to you!

You will be able to get alerted in a variety of ways as new orders arrive:

  1. You will get Bcc'd on the email messages that go to your customer when they place each order. The full order details including their name are included.
  2. You will receive an SMS Txt message to your phone or device with the full order details included. Some trucks even use this and prepare the food using the SMS Txt message!
  3. You will get in-app Push Notifications on any devices that you have installed our app iOS or Android.
  4. You will see the new order and a message about an unread order on our Order Tracking screen inside Food Truck Pub.
  5. For Square or Clover POS system users, you will also see an Order and a Transaction posted in those systems. For Square, you can also have the order auto-print in the same fashion that it would print for walk-up orders.

Yes! We do have an App, however only food truck owners typically use the app.

Customers typically just click on your direct ordering link, scan your QR Code, or find you by searching our Map page. We don't require customers to download the app because we are already optimized for mobile ordering through our site.

Truck owners, however, can benefit from downloading the app just because you can receive an additional "Push Notification" to alert you as new orders come in. Otherwise, the functionality is exactly the same as going directly to our web site using the browser on your device.

After you have registered and logged into Food Truck Pub, go to My Events. From there you can set your upcoming food truck schedule such as when and where you will be located. Customers can then find your specific truck or search for events near them on the Events page by searching our directory.

Food Truck Pub has also partnered with other food truck services to help broadcast your information out and make you more visible when you are actively taking orders. Check out our Partner's Page for more information.

Once a customer pays for their order, you can always cancel the transaction and refund their money by logging into your Square, Clover, or PayPal account or by using the Square, Clover, or PayPal Apps for iOS and Android. If a customer wants to drastically change their order, at your discretion you could also decide to refund their money and then tell the customer to either place their order again through Food Truck Pub or by other means now that you're on the phone with them. However, having the customer place the order in Food Truck Pub would guarantee that you receive payment prior to actually begin cooking their food if they are not present.

Yes, we offer a Skip Payment upgrade module that you can configure under Settings. This will allow the customer to pay you upon arrival. However, having the customer place the order and pay using Food Truck Pub will guarantee that you receive payment prior to actually begin cooking their food. So, we discourage using this upgrade module. There may be certain events from time to time that one party wishes to pay for everyone. This is a great use case for the Skip Payment module. Then, use the Reporting Dashboard to export orders and give the overall bill to the paying party at the end of the event. Unfortunately, the only way we make money is through the convenience fee that we charge when payment is made using Food Truck Pub, so we have to charge a small monthly fee to you if you want the customer to pay upon arrival.

No! Use us as much or as little as you like. We are completely free for food trucks to use us and there is no monthly fee or transaction fees that get charged to truck owners.

We hope you use us a bunch and find value in taking online orders and decreasing your walk-ups or phone calls!

Yes! You can configure for Pickup and/or Delivery.

For delivery orders, you can even specify a maximum delivery radius and an additional delivery fee.

We have an optional integration with the Shipday delivery system as well! As orders are submitted in Food Truck Pub, they can optionally be sent to a free Shipday account that you can create at Shipday's site. With Shipday, you can bring your own drivers or link your Shipday account to Postmates or Doordash to utilize their drivers.

Your delivery drivers can accept or reject the orders and use the Shipday Drive app to route them to the delivery. Customers can then view the progress of their order on a map!

Yes! If you don't want to maintain your own web site and link over to Food Truck Pub, but you still own your own domain, you can configure Forwarding to your Direct Ordering URL within Food Truck Pub. This way when people enter your web site in their browser such as, it will redirect to your menu and ordering page within Food Truck Pub. GoDaddy has instructions for doing this here. Make sure for the Redirect Type you choose a 301 or a 302 redirect so that the browser URL completely redirects over to your ordering page in

Most currencies are accepted when using PayPal. However, for the time being, when using Square or Clover, we can only support the U.S. Dollar (USD). So, if you need to collect money in something other than USD, please choose PayPal as your provider under our Settings / Payments screen. If you need a currency not in the list (with PayPal), just shoot us a Support Email and we can add it for you. These common currencies are pre-loaded: US Dollar, European Euro, Canadian Dollar, Mexican Peso, Pound Sterling, Australian Dollar, Singapore Dollar, Malaysian Ringgit

We offer an exciting and rewarding profit-sharing program to people who want to refer trucks in their association or simply their food truck friends! Check out our profit sharing program.

You simply need to click on the Truck Signup link and login. If you choose, you can also download our apps for iOS or Android or you can also manage everything just the same by going to to manage your account from any device that has a modern web browser.

Aside from this, you also need either a free Square account, Clover account, or a free Business PayPal account so that you can take payments and have your money electronically deposited.

Learn more about Square or signup with Square here!

Learn more about Clover or signup with Clover here!

Are you a hungry customer & looking for food?

Food Truck Pub is an online food truck ordering system meant to be more convenient for both you and the food truck owner. You don't have to spend your valuable lunch or dinner time waiting in line at a food truck, then paying for your food, then waiting for your food to be prepared. It is also more convenient for the food truck owner, because they would much rather be preparing more food rather than handling order-taking and trying to take payment. They get more throughput and you get more valuable time back!

If you love food trucks, then you can check out the map to see what trucks are active in your area and then placing your order with them in our convenient checkout process. Simply click on Order to begin or even download our app in the App Store.

Food truck owners set the prices for all of their food items. Aside from that, you may pay any sales taxes required by law as well as a $1.25 convenience fee ($0.60 on the Premium Plan) for your food order. Regardless though, all costs are displayed for you prior to Checkout.

After you complete payment, your food order goes directly to the food truck so they can begin preparing your food. Go pickup your food at the time you selected during checkout. You may also receive an SMS Txt message to the phone number you provided during checkout that may alert you when your food is ready. Some trucks utilize this feature and some do not.

You can pay with Credit Card or PayPal. When you submit your food order, you will be redirected to a secure payment page. Based on the food truck's preferences, either Square, Clover, or PayPal will process your payment.

If you have already paid for your order, then your order is now active and has been received by the food truck owner. Therefore, you will need to contact the food truck owner and they can refund your money at their discretion. Use the food truck's contact information displayed on the confirmation screen as well as this information comes in the auto-responder email you should've received after you paid for your oder.

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