Food Truck Pub Profit Sharing!

Ready to make referral money? If you are a food truck association, a brick & mortar, or simply a food truck owner yourself, you can make considerable free money by referring your fellow food trucks!
For EACH AND EVERY order placed to the trucks that you have referred, make $0.20 of the convenience fee on an ONGOING basis with residual monthly income!

Food Truck Business Profit Sharing for Food Truck Associations

  1. Help us promote Food Truck Pub by introducing it to all the food trucks in your association or the trucks that you have invited to your bar/pub to serve food. Or, maybe you just own a food truck and want to refer your fellow trucker friends!
  2. We ask that you add a link to on your association, brewery web site, or social media.
  3. If you are an association or have a brick & mortar building such as a brew pub, please submit our Support Form and in the comments, let us know that you are an association or a brew pub.
  4. Then, register yourself on our Truck Signup page and go to Settings and click on Advertise. Grab your unique referral code under Settings and send it to your truckers! It will take them to our Truck Signup page with you as their referrer.
  5. As the trucks register on our Truck Signup page, they will be automatically linked to you in our database and you will see them on your Profit Sharing Dashboard along with a real-time view of order summary information as you make money from them!
  6. We will pay you $0.20 of the profit from all convenience fees paid to Food Truck Pub for each and every order that gets submitted to any of your referred trucks as long as a minimum of $5.00 has been accumulated (money does not roll over to next month).
  7. An electronic payment will get cut to you at the beginning of every month for the previous month's orders.
  8. Even if you're just a food truck owner yourself, if you refer your fellow trucks using the referral code you can find under Settings, we will also pay you monthly!

Example Food Truck Association profit sharing:
  1. Assume 100 trucks decide to utilize the app from your association and each does a mere 10 orders a day through the app. 100 trucks x 10 orders = 1,000 orders/day (some may do more and some may do less).
  2. Calculation: 1,000 orders per day going through Food Truck Pub. 1,000 orders x $0.20 per order = $200/day directly to you
  3. Monthly: $200/day x 30 days = $6,000 per month directly to you!

Example Brew Pub profit sharing:
  1. Assume each night you have 1 food truck in your establishment serving up food and that truck processes 50 orders through the Food Truck Pub app.
  2. Calculation: 50 orders per day going through Food Truck Pub from each truck and let's say you have 5 trucks per week at your brew pub. 50 orders x 5 trucks = 250 orders. 250 orders x $0.20 (profit sharing fee) per order = $50/week.
  3. Monthly: $50/week x 4 weeks = $200 per month directly to you!

Once signed up for Profit Sharing, you will have immediate access to view your real-time profit sharing income simply by logging into your Food Truck Pub account!

Food Truck Associations can make profit sharing and view orders on their dashboard

To get started promoting Food Truck Pub in your association or brew pub, contact us through our Support Form today!

Or, you can simply perform a Truck Signup and enter your business name. Then, go to Settings/Advertise and find your unique profit sharing referral link and send this out to other trucks and they will get linked to you automatically when they signup for Food Truck Pub.

View our Terms & Conditions page here for the full profit sharing terms.

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