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Note: This signup page is for food trucks only. If you are a customer wanting to place an order with a food truck, please proceed to the Order Food screen.

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  • No commission fees or ongoing fees.
  • Customer is charged a flat convenience fee of $1.25, no matter the order size.
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  • $29.00/month (paid annually) or $44.95/month (paid monthly)
  • Unlocks the Customizable Landing Page Web Site for your business with up to 6 customizable web site pages
  • Unlocks all upgradeable options including an additional SMS Txt order alert, Cash Payment upon arrival option, and ShipDay (deliveries) integration.
  • Convenience Fee (still paid by the customer) is lowered to $0.60 per order ($0.85 when using Clover), no matter the order size!

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