Release Notes / Version History

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October 2019

Food Truck Pub Launches v3.2!

Version 3.2 of Food Truck Pub launches Coupon Code functionality!

  • Discount Offer Codes now allow you to create special discounts for your customers or run promotions.
  • Under the Settings screen, you can create flat fee discounts or create a percentage off the entire order such as 10% off!

September 2019

Food Truck Pub Launches v3.1!

Version 3.1 of Food Truck Pub launches several minor enhancements!

  • Upload an image of your food truck or your company logo and have it displayed on the search results page!
  • Ability for food truck owners to login to their account and test the ordering process of their menu without having to submit a LIVE payment. Then, see the order alerts and notifications as well as see the details of the order on the order tracking page and in the confirmation emails!
  • Remember Me functionality added to the Login page to make it easier and faster to login to manage your account.
  • A new Delivery option has been added under Advanced Settings for trucks who offer delivery service.

May 2019

Food Truck Pub Launches v3.0!

Version 3.0 of Food Truck Pub launches Profit Sharing for Food Truck Associations and Brew Pubs!

  • New Profit Sharing Dashboard lets food truck associations and brick and mortar businesses such as brew pubs, view their profit sharing orders real-time!
  • A check will get cut on the 1st of every month to your association or brew pub based on the volume of orders coming in to your trucks!
  • Learn more about profit sharing on our Profit Sharing Page!

February 2019

Food Truck Pub Launches v2.7!

Version 2.7 of Food Truck Pub launches scheduling enhancements, iOS push notifications, and Excel export!

  • Order throttling options to allow you to limit the number of orders that can be submitted during various thresholds so you can better keep up!
  • Future dated ordering options for food trucks who allow customers to submit orders days in advance such as catering orders
  • Push notifications to iOS devices for even faster alerts as orders arrive. Receive notifications on your Apple Watch as well!
  • Export your orders and your contacts to CSV file format and open with Excel. Then import into applications such as Constant Contact or other email list applications.

January 2019

Food Truck Pub Launches v2.5!
Square POS System Integration

Version 2.5 of Food Truck Pub launches Square integration!

  • Food truck owners can use their Square POS system or Square account integrated into Food Truck Pub
  • Sync with your Square POS items to quickly import and sync with your menu in Food Truck Pub. Menu item names, descriptions, prices, and images can be imported
  • When customers pay for their food, it automatically gets deposited into your Square account

December 2018

Food Truck Pub Launches v2.0!

Version 2.0 of Food Truck Pub launches the Food Extras Builder!

  • Food truck owners can allow further customization of menu options
  • Additional food extras such as condiments or upsell items can be added to the menu
  • Create a variety of food extras that appear as addtional add-on items such as condiments, sauces, extra toppings, etc...
  • Each food extra can be added/customized on that menu item free of charge or with an optional upcharge cost

October 2018

Food Truck Pub Launches v1.5!

Version 1.5 of Food Truck Pub launches the Events Calendar!

  • Additional marketing and promotion capabilities
  • Food truck owners can load their upcoming events and locations into the system
  • Customers can view upcoming events happening near them and see where/when trucks will be located

July 2018

Food Truck Pub Launches v1.0!

Version 1.0 of Food Truck Pub launches free food truck ordering app for food truck owners!

  • Apps for iOS and Android
  • Food truck owners can load their menu and categorize their food and upload food images
  • Email Alerts, SMS Txt Message Alerts, In-App alerts for new order notifications
  • View orders as they arrive and print receipts
  • Customers can download apps for ordering or go to and order from any device that has a web browser
  • Customers see nearby trucks that are active or can enter a specific food truck # and results appear on a map
  • Customers pay with credit card and/or PayPal and food truck owners receive payment directly into a PayPal account

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