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No transaction fees or monthly fees to truck owners. 100% FREE for truck owners... period.

Contactless / Self-Serve Ordering

  1. Customers order & pay online and you cook the food!
  2. Web links, QR Codes, Printable signage, and Active Food Truck Map are ways customers can click to order.
  3. Click 'Notify Customer' button to send SMS Txt to customer when it's ready for pickup in your window.
  4. $ goes immediately into a Square, Clover, or PayPal account.
  5. No handling money or taking orders with lines of people.
  6. No POS hardware required / Immediate deposit into your POS account. Continue to use your own POS system as needed and create a free electronic Square or Clover account for your Food Truck Pub credit card processing vendor.
  7. Take pre-orders today for a future order. Over 10,000 trucks can't be wrong!
  8. Even receive catering booking requestswhen on our upgraded premium features!

Take Intraday orders OR Future Pre-Orders!

Fill in your gaps in events with Pre-Orders! Customers can order today, for future dates. Then pickup (or delivery if you enable this)!

What's in it for me?

  1. Earn 15-30% MORE $$$ per order with our Gratuity Selection.
  2. Generate more orders! Direct ordering link for sites or social media.
  3. Import your menu from Square or Clover, Configure Order Alerts. Send Customer Txt Msgs when order is ready for pickup!
  4. Gain additional marketing visibility on our Events page. Integrates with your Google calendar. Show customers when and where you'll be serving!
  5. Get discovered - Mapping page that shows all nearby food trucks!
  6. Loyalty Reward Options - Configure a variety of options including Customer Referral Loyalty rewards. Your customers share their unique referral link to your truck and can earn a % back in food rewards with your truck!
  7. We also broadcast your information to our Food Truck Partners when you are actively taking orders for additional visibility.

Ready to signup? Truck Signup

Be seen on our Map!

Appear on our Active Food Truck Map and Event Calendar when you're actively taking online orders!

We now support international Square and PayPal accounts. Trucks in Canada, Australia, and Great Britain, orders will flow directly into your POS system. For trucks outside the United States, your orders will flow into Square and we will invoice you monthly so we can reclaim our small convenience fee that the customer pays during checkout.

Active Food Truck Map Page

Food Truck Pub Features


Online Ordering

Place a link on your web site or give your customers the instructions to order using any internet browser. Order accuracy, customer satisfaction, less labor in time taking orders & payment by hand. Fewer customers standing in line! You will make more money be receiving Tips/Gratuities in the App as well!

App Ordering

Customers can download the Food Truck Pub App and order directly using your unique food truck number! We have Apps for iOS and Android in the app stores. Truck owners can also use the app for a quick way to login and manage their account.

Facebook/Social Media

Integrates with all your platforms. Just place your unique ordering URL on your social media such as your Facebook page! Customers will click on the link and be brought to your menu within Food Truck Pub, add items to their cart, and submit their order to you! Check out our Auto-post to Facebook feature further below!


Unique Ordering URL and QR Code

When you signup, you will be given a unique food truck ordering URL, a unique number, and a unique QR Code. These items can be printed off and displayed/given to your customers. Place your designated link or number on your web site or even table cards to instruct your customers how to order from you.

Event Calendar

Load your "Food Truck Pub Event Calendar" with the times and places that you plan on attending or serving up food with your truck. Link to this page from your website or social media page. Sync your Food Truck Pub event calendar with your Google Calendar!

Coupon Codes & Loyalty Rewards

Create coupon codes in our system to give your customers flat fee discounts or event a % off their order. Create a variety of Customer Loyalty Rewards. Then, promote your coupons and rewards on your web site or social media and increase your orders!



Trucks will display on our mapping page when they are online and actively taking orders. Our mapping page will help drive more orders to you!

Order Notifications

Choose from a variety of order notifications (screenshots further below). Email notifications, SMS Txt messages, App Alerts, and Ordering Dashboard alerts as new orders are submitted. Order Alerts will also appear on your Apple Watch (if ya got one)!


Money is auto-deposited into your Square, Clover, or Paypal account as orders are placed. No waiting! Customers pay with credit card or a PayPal account. No equipment to purchase. Signup for a free Square, Clover, or Paypal account and transfer money to your personal bank account anytime! Subscribe to our Skip Payment feature if you want to take cash upon arrival.

System Features

Menu Management

Use our menu builder interface to load your menu items or even import them from a Square or Clover account. Categorize your menu items, load upsell items with additional fees and food extras such as customizations, condiments, and toppings. Order your menu items on the screen too! Inventory Management built in! Create inventory templates and sheets.

Same-day & Future Pre-Orders

Each time when you "Go Active" in our system, you will select a stop (auto-deactivation) time when you will no longer be active for same-day orders. People in the area will see when you're actively taking orders and can select a pickup (or delivery) time. Create Future Pre-Orders for upcoming events on different days as well!

Pickup or Delivery Orders

Choose to allow Pickup and/or Delivery orders. If delivery is selected, define a radius by which you offer delivery to your customers. Even set an additional charge for a delivery fee! We even have a Shipday integration so that as delivery orders arrive in Food Truck Pub, you can manage them and route them to delivery drivers using the Shipday Driver app (you can bring your own drivers or link Shipday to a Doordash or Postmates account if you need drivers.

Export to Excel

Export your orders and contacts to Excel. Then upload these into tools such as Quickbooks or Constant Contact for email marketing.

Order Throttling

Getting too much business? That's a nice problem to have! We have a variety of order throttling options to help you keep up during busy times. For example, only allowing X number of open orders in a 15 minute window of time.

Profit Sharing

We offer profit sharing to food truck associations, businesses, brew pubs, and even regular food trucks that want to refer their food trucker friends! Visit our Profit Sharing page to learn more. Get your unique profit sharing referral code under Settings and send it to other food trucks!

Your Logo your brand

Upload your truck's photo or your logo. Customers will see it on the mapping screen and alongside your menu.

Print Customer Receipts

If you have a receipt printer attached to Square, orders will auto-print. If you have a bluetooth printer, print receipts directly from your phone, tablet, or laptop and attach the receipt to the order for customer pickup.

Alert Customer to Pickup Food

As you prepare food and have it ready, place it in your window and click 'Notify Customer' to generate an SMS Txt message so they know their yummy food is ready!

Food Truck "Park" Ordering

Own a food truck park? Our park-ordering module includes a customizable landing page for your park. Customers can create one seamless order and will auto-split to each truck in one checkout process. Park owners earn $0.20 per order. Dedicated QR Code, short-url for your park, and web link!

Auto-post to Facebook

Auto-post to Facebook when you're actively taking same-day orders or future pre-orders. When you're actively taking orders, simply confirm the suggested Facebook post and we'll auto-post it for you! Saves you all kinds of time!

Receive Catering Requests!

Clients will submit our catering event form and you will receive the information via email. Choose to accept or decline the offer and work the details out with the customer!

Order Alerts

App Push Notifications

Get immediate in-app alerts as new orders are submitted to you. These will appear on an Apple Watch as well!

SMS Txt Notifications

Receive the full order details in SMS Txt Messages sent to your phone. These will appear on an Apple Watch as well!

Order Tracking Screen

See new orders pop into the order tracking screen. Then, mark them Completed or Print Receipts to a bluetooth printer in your truck.

Email Messages

Receive the full order details in an email message sent to your phone or tablet.

POS System Alerts

Receive notification from your Square or Clover POS system and auto-print to an attached receipt printer (requires internet connectivity). As orders arrive, they will automatically flow into your POS.

Many ways to get alerts for new orders.

Additional Upgrade Options

Check out the Pricing Page to compare our Free version with our Premium version.

Customizable Web Site Landing Pages

Get a customizable website for your food truck with up to 6 pages. You'll be able to upload your image and update the content of this landing page anytime you wish. Add your hours of operation, tell customers about your weekly specials, or anything else you want your customers to know about your truck.

Shipday Integration
ShipDay Delivery Management Integration

Feature allows your delivery orders to be sent into the ShipDay App. Then, route your own delivery drivers to fulfill orders or even link your ShipDay account to 3rd party services such as Doordash. Save money by using Food Truck Pub up front and pay 3rd party services less money! See more information below.

Cash on arrival payment option (skip payment)

This feature can be used on certain events such as if you want to allow one party to pay the entire bill. Or can be used simply if you want to allow customers to submit their order and pay upon arrival.

Real-time location tracking of your truck

Your followers will be able to see your current location on a dedicated map which will be updated whenever you move locations.

Additional SMS Txt Msg Order Alert

Configure a second mobile phone line to receive SMS Txt alerts as orders arrive.

Auto-post to Facebook from Event Calendar

Our free version includes auto-post when taking online orders. This upgrade option will auto-post from your Food Truck Pub Event Calendar which can even sync with a Google Calendar! Add an event to your Google Calendar and it will get automatically pulled into the Food Truck Pub Event Calendar. From there it will auto-post to your Facebook page! Saves you time manually posting!

Shipday Delivery Management

Shipday Integration

BRAND NEW! - Ever think about offering delivery orders from your food truck but were too afraid to try? Checkout our new Shipday Integration!

  1. Configure Food Truck Pub to allow delivery orders.
  2. As orders are submitted, they will ALSO go into your FREE Shipday account.
  3. Hire a part-time delivery driver and simply pay them a configured delivery fee and/or gratuity. Or, link Shipday to a Doordash or Postmates account if you need drivers.
  4. Drivers will use the Shipday Drive app and route them to the customer.
  5. Your customers can get live updates as their order is picked up and delivered to them and can even view it on a map!
  6. First 300 Shipday delivery orders each month are included in their free version.

Check out our latest release information in version history here.
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