Features of our Food Truck Ordering Software

Order Alerts

App Push Notifications

Get immediate in-app alerts as new orders are submitted to you. These will appear on an Apple Watch as well!

App Push Notifications

SMS Txt Notifications

Receive the full order details in SMS Txt Messages sent to your phone. These will appear on an Apple Watch as well!

SMS Txt Notifications

Order Tracking Screen

See new orders pop into the order tracking screen. Then, mark them Completed or Print Receipts to a bluetooth printer in your truck.

Order Tracking Screen

Email Messages

Receive the full order details in an email message sent to your phone or tablet.

Email Message Alert

Administration Features

  1. Apps for iOS and Android.
  2. Manage your account from any device with a modern web browser.
  3. Menu Builder - add photos, descriptions, categories, and pricing.
  4. Optionally, import your menu if you use Square.
  5. Create Food Extras for customizations such as add-ons and upsell opportunities. Make them free or with additional charges.
  6. Appear on the mapping page and in our directory when you're online and actively taking orders. Allows people nearby to find you!
  7. Event Scheduler - load your venues you're attending with times and locations to allow customers to find you.
  8. Subscribe to a variety of Order Alerts to receive App Notifications, Email Notifications, SMS Notifications, and Live Order Tracking Screen as orders are submitted.
  9. Got an Apple Watch? New order alerts will appear there as well as the full SMS Txt Message details containing the full order information!
  10. Choose between Square or PayPal for credit card processing.
  11. Set Sales Tax.
  12. Choose between offering Pickup as well as Delivery.
  13. Upload your company logo or an image of your truck.
  14. Unique Food Truck # and direct ordering link for your customers.
  15. Go Active to receive orders and specify when to stop allowing online orders.
  16. Order Throttling capabilities to only allow so many online orders over a period of time.
  17. Print your unique Food Truck Sign under Settings. It will display instructions for customers.
  18. Customers can order from their tables by following the instructions on the sign and entering your unique Food Truck #.
  19. Money depositied into your Square or PayPal account real-time as orders arrive.
  20. Print Receipts and mark orders Completed.

Customer Ordering Features

  1. Save time! Don't wait in line.
  2. Apps for iOS and Android.
  3. Don't want to download our app? No problem, just go to www.foodtruck.pub and click on 'Order'. Search for food trucks or enter a specific food truck #.
  4. Browse trucks nearby or see them on our map.
  5. Want to know what's going on this weekend? View the Event Calendar and see what food trucks will be around!
  6. View full menu online right from your phone.
  7. Order and Checkout - pay with a credit card.
  8. Select an order pickup or delivery time (if offered by the food truck).
  9. Swing by and pickup your food from the truck!

Marketing Features

  1. Appear in our Food Truck Directory when you're online and actively taking orders.
  2. Appear on our Food Truck Map when you're online and actively taking orders.
  3. Load your Event Calendar to show everyone where/when you're serving up awesomeness!
  4. Get your unique food truck # when you sign up. Advertise this number so customers can find and order directly with you!
  5. Get your direct ordering URL so that customers can click on the link and order directly with you. Advertise this on your Facebook page, Social Media, or web site.

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