Do you own a Food Truck?

Ok, great! Here's the high level summary...

  1. Food Truck Pub is a free online ordering app for food trucks owners. No fees to truck owners and no monthly fees either! The customer pays a small $1.25 convenience fee (or $0.60 on the Premium Plan for Square/Paypal and $0.85 on the Premium Plan for Clover) during checkout.
  2. Click on Signup and enter your information. When you signup you will get a unique food truck number.
  3. Load your Menu and your Settings such as your Order Notifications. If you use Square or Clover, you can even import your menu into Food Truck Pub!
  4. Print your Food Truck Sign under Settings with your unique food truck number and hang it on your truck and place a bunch of copies of it where your patrons will see it (on the tables inside the bar/pub/restaurant or business area). Place your unique link to your ordering page on your social media as well!
  5. Click Go Online and become active on our map.
  6. Customers place the order and pay using credit card or PayPal. The money gets deposited into your Square, Clover, or PayPal account immediately.
  7. Prepare their food and click the 'Notify Customer' button to let them know the food is ready for pickup in your window. Easy!
  8. Both you and the customer save time because they don't have to wait in line and you don't have to enter their order or take payment from them... perfect!
  9. Our food truck online ordering system is 100% FREE for Food Truck Owners!
  10. Food Truck Pub has also partnered with other food truck services to help broadcast your information out and make you more visible when you are actively taking orders. Check out our Partner's Page for more information.

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What are the benefits?

Did you know that people spend more money and order more food when they order online? Maybe it's the tantalizing photos of your food? Or, maybe it's the ability for people to relax and the ease by which they can easily add food to an order simply by using their phone...

Unlike delivery services like Uber Eats, we don't charge a crazy amount of money to the consumer and/or the food truck owner when orders get placed. It is also up to the consumer to pickup their food from the truck. For this reason, the customer is usually within a short walking distance to the food truck when they place their order. So, you don't have to worry about a late delivery driver taking a portion of the profit, while at the same time, serving up COLD food to your customers!

Food Truck Pub is a free ordering system for truck owners. It can generate more orders for your truck and provide convenience to your customers!
(don't worry, it won't cost you anything... it's free!)

The typical use case for Food Truck Pub is when a food truck is parked outside of office buildings and serving up lunch or dinner. Or, when a food truck is parked at a brew pub and patrons inside see the flyers dispersed and displayed on the tables or bars. These flyers have the information on it that tells them to go to or download the Food Truck Pub app to place an order with your unique food truck number!

Did we mention that Food Truck Pub is already tied in with Square or Clover as well as PayPal? As orders arrive, the money goes directly into your account. You can even sync your Square or Clover menu into Food Truck Pub!

Here's the flow!

How food truck pub software works

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