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Food Truck Pub is a free food truck ordering and mapping software system for truck owners. Customers find you, OR, you can give them a link to order with your unique food truck number. The money goes directly into your Square, Clover, or PayPal account! Grow your business with internet food ordering... What have you got to lose? It's free!

  1. With Food Truck Pub you can spend more time cooking and less time taking orders and taking payment.
  2. Customers will love that you have a way for them to order food from you so that instead of spending time waiting in line or waiting on you to cook their food, they can just order and pick it up!
  3. Our free food truck ordering system has "Apps" for your Android or iPhone as well as both you and your customers can simply go to from any device with a web browser (if you don't want to install the Apps).
  4. Customers see you on the map or on your printed flyers and place orders and pay real-time using either Square, Clover, Credit Card, or PayPal.
  5. All you need is a FREE business Square, Clover, or PayPal account. Just enter your information into your Food Truck Pub settings page and we can begin sending you food orders!
  6. Signup for various Email and SMS Txt Alerts as orders arrive, or use our Order Tracking Screen that shows you orders as they arrive, or even get alerts in our Apps for iOS and Android.
  7. Print customer receipts using any wireless or bluetooth printer that you might have in your Food Truck.
  8. The site and Apps are 100% FREE for Food Truck Owners! Customers will pay a tiny convenience fee when they check out which is $1.25 (or $0.60 on the Premium Plan for Square/Paypal and $0.85 on the Premium Plan for Clover). The money for the food is securely deposited into your free Square, Clover, or Business Paypal account. Simply signup for your free business account at or (Note: You will incur a small transaction fee from these vendors and this fee is of course always subject to any of their rate changes).
  9. Signup today and get your dedicated food truck number in our system! Under Settings, print off your Food Truck Sign with your unique number on it and advertise your number to your customers and even place it on your truck or tables and walls inside bars or places of business!

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